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Art from the past, living in the present

One-of-a-kind vintage drawings and paintings, each with their own presence, personality and patina ready to be discovered by you. Search through the collection to find your new minor masterpiece (or two!) to complement or begin your home collection.

  • Our curator has a decades-long résumé in design and development and as a fine artist with an enviable number of passport stamps from around the globe.

  • Every piece comes with acid-free, custom archival mattes and foam core backings, ready to be framed and hung. Pieces are carefully packed and shipped direct-to-you from our studio.

  • Each piece is passionately selected with a goal of salvaging artistic works that might otherwise be lost — restoring their rightful place as unique expressions of beauty in our collective history.

Our inventory is constantly changing

With a focus on vintage drawings that typically range in authenticity and antiquity you'll discover original, one-of-a-kind pencil, charcoal, ink, and water color creations rescued from our travels.

Works with a wide stylistic range representing classical, academic and mid-century modern, including figural, abstract and landscape subject matter.

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Currently, you can see a few samples we've highlighted here, but to purchase please click the button below to go to our store . And be sure to follow us on Instagram for the latest updates!

  • Dark and moody portrait of seated woman's back in charcoal on paper from early 1900s
    Early 1900’s. Untitled.
    Charcoal on paper
    25 ⅜” x 31”
  • 1900's figural charcoal on paper sketch of seated woman with shawl and locket
    Early 1900’s. Untitled.
    Charcoal on paper
    25 ¼” x 31”
  • Conte crayon on paper portrait of a standing woman against a wall from behind
    Early 1900’s. Signed. Untitled.
    Conte crayon on paper
    17 ¾” x 24”
  • Side profile portrait of man from early 1900s wearing a large round hat in charcoal on paper
    Early 1900’s. Untitled.
    Charcoal on paper
    25 ¼” x 30 ⅝”
  • Delicately half-drawn man's face with mustache and eyes closed in charcoal on paper
    Early 1900’s. Untitled.
    Charcoal on paper
    15” x 17”
  • Charcoal on paper illustration of seated nude female on a stool from behind
    c. 1936 “Tite Diden
    Charcoal on paper
    22 ⅝” x 30 ⅜”
  • Portrait of a woman done with charcoal on paper with dark eyes
    Mid-Century. Wouyart. Untitled.
    Charcoal on paper
    17" x 14 ½”
  • Conte crayon portrait of a mature, bearded, Parisian gentleman wearing a hat
    c. 1949 E. Righetti. Untitled.
    Conte crayon on paper
    14 ⅛” x 17 ½”
  • Early 1900’s. Untitled.
    Oil on board
    15”x 21 ¾”
  • Watercolor illustration of street corner with building and trees
    Mid-Century. Wouyart. Untitled.
    Watercolor on paper
    13 ¾” x 16 ¾”
  • Scenic illustration of man sowing seeds done with graphite on paper
    Early 1900’s. Untitled.
    Graphite on paper
    9 ⅝” x 11”
  • Gestural illustration of tall trees done with pencil on paper
    c. 1959. Untitled.
    Pencil on paper
    12 ⅜” x 9 ¾”
  • Early 1900s charcoal on paper illustration of single tree standing out amongst treelined horizon
    Early 1900’s. Untitled.
    Charcoal on paper
    15 ¼” x 19 ⅝”
  • Mid-century pencil on paper illustration of single, mature tree
    Mid-Century. Untitled.
    Pencil on paper
    14 ½” x 17 ¼”
  • Gestural oil on canvas painting of wheat fields
    Early 1900’s. Signed. Untitled.
    Oil on canvas
    15” x 19 ½”
  • Charcoal on paper illustration of chubby worker
    c. 1957. E. Righetti. Untitled.
    Charcoal on paper
    15 ⅛” x 18 ½”
  • Mid-Century ink on paper illustration of woman sewing and bowed head
    Mid-Century. Wouyart. Untitled.
    Ink on paper
    26 ¼” x 19  ⅝”
  • Mid-Century mixed media drawing of city street from above
    Mid-Century. E. Righetti. “St. Cloud”.
    Mixed media
    15 ¾” x 19 ¾”
  • c. 1970. Untitled.
    Ink on paper
    14" x 10 ¾”
  • Mid-century ink on paper expressionist illustration of farm with two men on horseback
    Mid-Century. E. Righetti. Untitled.
    Ink on paper
    18” x 23 ⅛”
  • Ink on paper abstract form with thick lines, black and white
    c. 1971. Untitled.
    Ink on paper
    13” x 17 ⅜”
  • Mid-Century. Untitled.
    Gouache on paper
    13 ⅝” x 14 ½”
  • Mid-century signed charcoal on paper abstract figure
    Mid-Century. Signed. Untitled.
    Charcoal on paper
    22” x 28 ½”
  • Mid-century conte crayon on paper illustration of matador and bull wrestling
    Mid-Century. Jean Target. Untitled.
    Conte crayon on paper
    15” x 16 ½”
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